Teen YouTuber FHK Shatters World Record with 12-Foot French Fry Surprises Top YouTuber Matthew Beem

MINNEAPOLIS March 25, 2024 – In a remarkable display of culinary innovation, Frank Kamish, a 17-year-old Minneapolis high school junior, and rising YouTube sensation known as FHK, has successfully set a new world record by creating the World’s Largest French Fry, measuring an awe-inspiring 12 feet in length. This colossal creation surpasses the previous record by nearly two feet, a record that was set in India in 2018.

Frank Kamish, the creator behind the popular YouTube channel FHK & FHK Fries, embarked on this ambitious project following a challenge from Matthew Beem, a fellow YouTuber and friend with a following approaching 6 million subscribers. Known for his engaging and entertaining content, Matthew dared Frank to create a giant French fry, a challenge that Frank accepted and exceeded by setting a new world record.

Challenge Accepted

The journey to crafting this culinary mammoth was filled with unique challenges, including finding a suitable method to cook the oversized fry to perfection. Kamish turned to his friend, award-winning chef Tommy Begnaud, owner of Mr. Paul’s Supper Club in Edina, MN, for expert advice on crafting the World’s Largest Fry.

Demonstrating his ingenuity, Frank utilized a repurposed gutter as a custom-made boiling pot, showcasing a blend of creativity and practical problem-solving skills. The creation of the fry was documented and will be featured on Frank’s main YouTube channel, FHK, where his subscribers, affectionately known as FHKers, can witness the entire process from inception to the record-breaking moment.

A Taste of Success

The unveiling and taste testing of the world’s largest French fry were captured in a video that underscores the spirit of innovation and camaraderie among content creators. “This project was about pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and having a great time doing it,” said Frank Kamish. “I hope this fry inspires others to think big and pursue their own crazy challenges.”

Inspiring the Next Generation

Frank’s achievement is not just a testament to his creativity and determination but also serves as an inspiration to young people everywhere. Demonstrating that age is no barrier to accomplishing extraordinary feats, Frank encourages his peers to dream big and work hard towards turning those dreams into reality.

About FHK

Frank Henry Kamish “FHK” is a dynamic young content creator known for his engaging YouTube channels, FHK and FHK Fries. On FHK Fries, Frank travels the country reviewing fries from different restaurants, sharing his culinary adventures with a growing audience of subscribers. Through his content, Frank aims to entertain, inspire, and bring a bit of joy to the everyday lives of his viewers.


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